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Besides the quintessential Classroom Crowning  of Fairies and Mice with the Crown of the 6es that constitutes the backbone of the whole project, there is also a Professional Stage Play where children are  crowned in the theatre at the very end of the Play. A professional stage offers settings and effects that will capture the children’s imagination.

It is a cheerful and lively comedy played in about 45min that will leave an unforgettable experience in the minds of the children and their families.

A dentist arrives home after a hard day’s work, only to continue solving problems. Linda 8 years old has had a loose upper milk tooth for two days. She is jiggling it all the time, but doesn’t allow her mother to touch it. She barely can eat anything. So when her beloved daddy finally arrives, he will take it out and it won’t hurt, because he is the finest dentist in the world!

Daddy does indeed help Linda out and the family can breathe again. However his 6-year old son, Santiago is sad and crying because the Tooth Fairy won’t leave him a reward, for he has no milk tooth to leave her.  Adding to this missfortune, he can already see Linda celebrating next morning! 

Daddy explains to him that the Tooth Fairy only stops by when children have a fallen-out milk tooth to leave her. This is the reason she exists at all! No milk tooth means no Tooth Fairy and no reward. This is the way it goes. He soon will have one and the Tooth Fairy will then be welcomed.

Our friend, the dentist, is exhausted and goes to sleep only to be awaken by a Mouse, well, a talking Mouse. The Mouse tells him that he is dreaming, and in dreams everything is possible, including Mice that talk. The Mouse called Teethy Mouse, tells him to get ready for they are leaving to a Crowning Ceremony in the Fairies’ Castle. A beautiful fairy, that happens to be his best friend, is going to be crowned as the Tooth Fairy…

Our narrative allows to present two major features that will change a centuries’ old tradition

1. The merging of two characters that are a key fantasy during the shedding of milk teeth during childhood. In the Anglosaxon tradition it is embodied in a Fairy, in the Spanish and French traditions it is a Mouse, ‘el Ratón de los Dientes’ or ‘La Petite Souris’. 

Countries like the US and Canada are integrated by families that reflect this differential ethnic background. In the US there are 60 million inhabitants of Spanish origin. In Canada, British Colombia and Quebec also differ in the belief regarding as who is picking-up those milk teeth and leaving a reward.

This Story / Play gives children and their families the opportunity of integrating the fantasy of ALL children in a beautiful and moving story that unfolds in a Fairies’ Castle devoted to the well-being of children. The CULTURAL impact is extraordinary. It is building bridges of fantasy for children to enrich their own traditions that stand in sharp contrast to the milenary building of cultural self-perception and identity, that later reflect itself in cultural walls so difficult to overcome in the integrative multicultural societies.

Children, families and schools  will welcome a common fantasy ground that they ALL can share!

2. The second major point is regarding dental health through the crafting of the ‘Generation of the 6es’, made-up by children, families and schools. It is completely explained in the Classroom Crowning of Fairies and Mice with the Crown of the 6es. This is a true milestone in the history of preventive dental culture in families and schools.  

The Script of the Classroom Crowning  of Fairies and Mice with the Crown of the 6es for schools, can be readily downloaded here.


In case producers, schools and or governments are interested in having access to the Professional Play Script  please contact the present author. It holds a Copyright and is based on the published book.  or

 2021 Edition

This cover / illustration captures the suspense and emotions of our story that soon will unravel. 

 PDF of the Book’s first 41 pages, that include the Index and the ‘Classroom Crowning of Fairies and Mice with the Crown of the 6es  


The Crown of the 6es

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