‘Classroom Crowning of Fairies and Mice’

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‘The Day of the Children’s Crowns’ is based on the ‘Classroom Crowning of Fairies and Mice with the

Crown of the 

The magic of this 35min enactment by children themselves, will be an unforgettable event in their lives. In the author’s experience, the raised eyebrows and attentive eyes of children behold the fantasy that made this breaktrough possible in the culture of family dental prevention never achieved before. It is cost effective and benefits low-income families. 

A detailed Script of the ‘Classroom Crowning of Fairies and Mice with the Crown of the 6es’ can be accessed by clicking on this Download PDF button.

The lyrics of the Tooth Fairy Song says it clearly: “And our destination is a celebration The Day of the Children’s Crowns 

And the same goes with the lyrics for its Spanish version, La Canción del Ratón: “Y juntos cantaremos y celebraremos El Día de las Coronas de los Niños

Our story focuses on the most important of all of your teeth: the First Permanent Back Teeth. As a matter of fact, the story’s characters enriched the Tooth Fairy Tradition by honoring these teeth.

The First Permanent Back Tooth or Teeth, is a very looong name indeed, so we have crafted a universal symbol valid in all languages and in all families. It is kind of an ’emoji’.

  6es = plural

The 6 will be evident to you in the next illustration, but what about the crown next to it?

It highlights them as the Kings and Queens of the human dentition for a number of reasons, but suffice it to say, that they are your most important tools in chewing, and you will need them 3 x day for the next 70+ years!

 Take a look at this Panoramic Dental View of a 5-6 year old child and identify them.



So, where are the Crowns?
The Crown of the 

Front and Back Side

The Crown that children get to wear, measures 65cm in length (25 inches) and 14 cm in height (5 inches).

Click on Download PDF to get a high deffinition of the image.  You will learn about the Coin of the 6 and its function. You can also print the Crown in a big plotter.



Four printed Coins of the 6 can be clearly appreciated printed on the Crown of the 6es. They are indispensable to let the Tooth Fairy and/or el Ratón know that the 6es have arrived and should be gratified. 

As this is a new tradition, in case children do not have a Crown yet, their parents can download a whole sheet of Coins of the 6.

Moreover, the PDF-printout, includes the Emergency Coins for Lost Milk Teeth. These Coins were just recently releases from the Fairies’ Castle!  Now, if you have lost a milk tooth you can leave the Tooth Fairy and/or el Ratón this Emergency Coin and it will function just as a milk tooth! 

The lyrics of the Tooth Fairy Song says it clearly, “Our destination is a celebration, ‘The Day of the Children’s Crowns’ in which children will carry on the ‘Classroom Crowning of Fairies and Mice with the Crown of the 6es’
 2.3 Script available by clicking on this Download PDF  


The Flat Spoon and the Cheek Retractor

(As of January 2020, only available in Mexico)

We had to help families MAXIMIZE supervision and toothbrushing of children during elementary school of their 

So we invented these two devices.

Hi! We must introduce ourselves first, because you  have never seen us before! You surely love the spoons that Mom has bought you, but this one is completely different…IT IS FLAT! The beauty of it, is that nobody had ever thought of using a mirror-polished FLAT stainless-steel SPOON as the first UNBREAKABLE dental mirror for family use…that is,  if the  child is ‘willing to lend it to other family members’, because children regard it so special, that he or she want to keep it as a precious personal object of oral hygiene!

When the Flat Spoon comes close to a child’s mouth…he or she will open their mouth instinctively…inviting their parents or grandparents to supervise toothbrushing!

So how do we use it?…and what about the Cheek Retractor?
We have prepared a Downloadable PDF for you. It even comes with photos on how to use them!


There is something important  for every member of the family, little kids will love the illustrations, older kids will get immersed in the story, parents and grandparents will understand their committment to establish  a preventive culture at an early age, maximizing oral hygiene and minimizing added sugar consumption…that is  ‘brush every day…and keep sugars at bay!’