‘Radio 6.20’ Interview in Mexico City on the New Tooth Fairy Tradition

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Dr. Sergio Sánchez Cordero, the author of The New Tooth Fairy Tadition is interviewed by the science reporter and journalist Fernando Fuentes on January 16th 2021 in ‘Radio 6.20’ station. 

The acknowledged journalist and interviewer Fernando Fuentes, has a decade-long established Radio Program entitled Frontiers of Science. He made this 1 hour-long interview, making available for the very first time to the general public, the New Tooth Fairy Tradition (la Nueva Tradición del Ratón, in Spanish)  

The interview is divided into four 15min sections.  Although the interview is conducted in Spanish, the full last minute of the fourth segment is given in English.

There are two books available in Amazon USA  ‘The Day of the Children’s Crowns’ and ‘El Día de las Coronas de los Niños’ that constitute the pillars of the New Tooth Fairy Tradition and of La Nueva Tradición del Ratón de los Dientes’.

There is also a musical production with songs sang in English and Spanish by one of the most prestigious Children’s Choirs in Latinoamaérica, el Coro de Niños y Jóvenes Cantores de la Facultad de Música de la UNAM México, directed by Patricia Morales. You can listen to the songs from this website.

Grupo RASA y Radio 6.20 in Mexico City

The duration of each segment is of 15 min.




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