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All of the characters in this story, have the commitment of giving children (world-wide) a fantasy that will help them establish brushing and flossing dental habits for a lifetime, as well as controling added sugar consumption.

Moreover the story focuses on the most important of all of your teeth: the First Permanent Back Teeth. As a matter of fact, the story’s characters enriched the Tooth Fairy Tradition by honoring these teeth.

The First Permanent Back Tooth or Teeth, is a very looong name indeed, so we have crafted a universal symbol valid in all languages and in all families. It is a  kind of an ’emoji’.

  6es = plural

The 6 will be evident to you in the next illustration, but what about the crown next to it?

It heighlights them as the Kings and Queens of the human dentition for a number of reasons, but suffice it to say, that they are your most important tools in chewing, and you will need them 3 x day for the next 70+ years!

 Take a look at this Panoramic Dental View of a 5-6 year old child and identify them.


During Elementary School, these 28 crowns of teeth will parade in FOUR GROUPS. Learn about them in the next illustration.


Mixed Dentition. Elementary School.

Shedding of Milk Teeth and eruption of the Permanent Crowns.


The Milk Dentition

6 months to 3 years of life