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Sung by one of the most prestigious Children’s Choirs in Latinamerica, El Coro de Niños y Jóvenes Cantores de la Facultad de Música UNAM (39 choir singers), and the opera tenor Ricardo Castrejón Mayorga, under the direction of Patricia Morales.

Music and Lyrics of all songs by the present author, Dr. Sergio Sánchez Cordero.

Alephsus Valdés final orchestation and recording.  José Francisco Cortés orchestration and choral arrangements.

In Facebook: Niños y Jovenes Cantores FAM UNAM

Lyrics in English and Spanish


        Letra de las Canciones en Español e Inglés


NOTE: Song No.12 ‘BLACK CELESTIAL BODIES’ does not belong to ‘The Day of the Children’s Crowns’ musical production, but it stands for the soundtrack of another book written by this same author,  whose narrative describes a metaphor of human consciousness. Please go to the Book Section to learn more about it.