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Sergio Sánchez Cordero. Born in 1951, he had the privilege to be raised in a multicultural environment, learning German, English and Spanish during childhood. A two-month stay in the US at 11 years of age was an experience that would permeate his life for ever. Returned to perform university studies at the New York University College of Dentistry in 1975, where he did clinical training in Periodontology and thereafter received a Master of Science degree (NYU Class of 1978). He is an inventor with derived patents in Mexico and the US. His production as a writer includes scientific and clinical articles as well as 3 books published through

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Published Books

The Day of the Children’s Crowns (2017)

El Día de las Coronas de los Niños (2017)

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El Día de las Coronas de los Niños (2012)

First 2012 edition, only in Spanish, available in Mexico through the author

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Black Celestial Bodies 
The Story of Stories.
A Metaphor of Human Consciousness.

This book is a tapestry of neuroscience, quantum physics and surrealism which together blend into a description of human consciousness. The poetic metaphor that starts the whole cascade of events, is  perceived as a couple of figure skaters. He represents the senses…and she represents imagination, together they  ink-skate  on the white page expressing language, a foremost concept of the human mind. 

…A beautiful starred heaven…it took 160,000 light years for the image to reach the earth; its constituent photons stayed virtually unchanged during their long journey until they finally go through our eyes; the retinal cells welcoming the physical cosmos to another universe, the human brain. It is here where our consciousness dresses it with poetic thoughts and unravels its mysteries under the lens of science.

…the cosmic light is now moving through another universe, the human mind, where the sensed world and imagined reality ink-skate together like figure skaters on the white page, dancing to the rhythm, melody and harmony of language…

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